Playstation 3 Game Controller Driver for Windows MotioninJoy update log


  • Add dpressure sensitive button in PCSX2 refer to
  • Add moveframework support
  • Add Macro feature.
  • Custom profile add dxinput or xinput option.
  • improve vibration function.
  • ....
  • 0.6.0003

    1. Add Navigation Controller support.
    2. Add PSPGo and Dualshock 3 pairing function.
    3. Support more 3rd party controllers.
    4. Improved "Load driver" function, Can select device to load MotioninJoy.
    5. Add Rollback function that attempts to re-install the previous driver package(for example the normal bluetooth drvier you have installed before) only for Windows Vista and Windows 7 .
    6. Add Auto off function if there is not active button press for a moment.
    7. .........
    DS3_tool: 0.6.0000(alpha) 

    1. Fixed the BSOD when the controller/BT is unpluged but was in use at the time issue.
    2. Add motion sensor(Front-tilt,Back-tilt,Left-tilt,Right-tilt) to custom profile,you can remap them to what you like.
    3. Add xbox 360 controller emulator remap option.
    4. Add Analog Gamepad 3 remap option.
    5. Add Auto and Trubo function.
    6. Add adjustable axis deadzone and button threshold function.
    7. ......
    Added 2 feautres:
    1. Change the  paired bluetooth addres to whatever you wanted.
    2. Backup bluetooth addres to repair(such as ps3 console's BT ADDR ).

    DS3_tool: 0.5.0002
    1. Add disconnect function(It will not power on PS3 console after unpluging from USB and disconnect from Bluetooth quickly).
    2. Fixed several bugs.
    DS3_tool: 0.5.0001
    1. Fixed one script error pop bug.

    Version: 0.5 alpha 

    1. Two or more controllers connect to one Bluetooth Dongle at the same time.(only compatible with few dongles at the moment )
    2. More stable bluetooth connection,  (Vibration level change too fast  will disconnect the bluetooth connection  with version 0.4).
    3. Directx mode vibration driver.
    4. Add original Xbox controller supporting.
    5. Driver install program.
    6. refer to

    Version: MotioninJoy Dualshouck 3 and sixaxis driver 0.4.0002

    1. Add Battery information.
    2. Add keyboard fully emulate.
    3. Download page.

    Version: MotioninJoy Dualshouck 3 and sixaxis driver 0.4.00 Beta

    1. Add Xbox 360 controller emulator.
    2. Download page.

    Version: MotioninJoy Dualshouck 3 and sixaxis driver 0.3.00

    1.  Solve sixaxis and dualshock 3 LED blinking forever problem.
    2.  Pressing "PS" button to wake up the controller no longer required.
    3. Add autoload config features.
    4. Response speed faster then before.
    5. Fixed some compatibility problems.
    6. Download page.