Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

MotioninJoy 0.4.00 beta available

Note:If you have installed pre version for testing please uninstall it befer install new version(refer to How to uninstall MotioninJoy).I will supply in more detail instruction ASAP.
    MotioninJoy Xbox 360 Controller Emulator allows the driver to represent a virtual Xbox360 wireless controller in windows device manager.Xinput applications will think the input comes from a real Xbox360 wireless controller and send vibration data to MotioninJoy driver. MotioninJoy driver will convert this data and send it to Dualshock 3.

This is a Beta version,if it bring on  "Blue Screen of Death"  by chance:

  • Unplug your Dualshock 3 and Bluetooth Dongle .
  • Reboot your system and delete file of "X:\windows\system32\drivers\MijXfilt.sys".
  • Plug in again your device and it will be like following picture in device manager.
  • driver error
  • Uninstall the driver.( Remember to check "Delete the driver software for this device".)

  1. Download Microsoft Xbox 360™ Wireless Controller for Windows® driver and install it.
  2. Reboot your system and  Disable Driver Signing Enforcement
  3. Download 0.4.00 beat version and install it
  4. "Start->All Programs->MotioninJoy->Install MotioninJoy Driver" Right click and use the "Run as administrator" option,It will replace your USB and Bluetooth driver all together.
  5. When all have be finished by windows system,go to  "Start->All Programs->MotioninJoy->DS3 TOOL" config you device.

Refer to:
 But use "Install MotioninJoy Driver"substitute "Install USB Driver"
Xbox 360 controller emulator