MotioninJoy PC game Profile Editor(USB ONLY)

What is Profile ?

A Profile is a set of user programmed input commands and control settings that determines how you controller functions in a PC game. Multiple Profiles can be created and saved for use with multiple games.

Should I use the Profile Editor?

The use of the Profile Editor is optional. If a PC game supports USB gamepad's then you will not need to use the Profile Editor. Most PC games have an "Options" or " Controller Configuration" menu screen where you can configure your controller's buttons to performed commands in the game. It is recommended that you use these menu screens if available. Most novice users should configure the controller by using the game's configuration screen. The Profile Editor is recommended for use by advanced users who understand the capabilities of the Profile Editor.


There are a large number of PC games available today that only support the mouse and keyboard as input devices. Typically, this means that a controller could not be used with these PC games. The Profile Editor will allow you to use your controller with these PC games. You are able to assign keyboard keys, mouse buttons, and mouse movement to the controller with the Profile Editor. So you can use your Game Elements controller with PC games that only support the keyboard and mouse.

MotioninJoy game Profile Editor

Quick config

you can quick select options to config PLAYSTATION 3 game controller(sixaxis and dualshock 3) for different type game.

Profile Editor

The Profile Editor is the main menu used for creating, editing, and saving profiles. You can create a custom profile for each of the PC games installed on your computer. This allows you to customize the buttons and analog joysticks of the controller to fit your gaming style. It also allows you to use the controller with keyboard and mouse games.

download  x86(32bits)MijUfilt.RAR   DS3_Tool.rar