Playstation 3 BD Remote Controller on Windows as a Media Center Edition Remote

Notice: Need MotioninJoy version 0.6.0001+
  1. Install MotioninJoy.
  2. Power off you Playstation 3 console fully.
  3. Run DS3_tool and go to "PS3 BD Remote Control pair" tab (from Bluetooth pair).
  4.  Hold "ENTER"+"START" of your Remote,Click "Query Remote" button,It will pop a Dialog.
  5. It will add a link like "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:--BD Remote Controller" to the Dialog for a moment.(Maybe some other links will be added there,they are other Bluetooth Device,Don't worry them )
  6. Click the "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:--BD Remote Controller" link.
  7. The windows will pop information " have found new Device" and will install all it needs automatically and add a "eHome Infrared Receiver" in his Device lists. you have to wait a moment the fist time.
  8. Windows system considers your BD Remote controller as a Media Center Edition Remote now.
  9. Remap the button to what you want. The map table is on,you only need copy the code to the corresponding editor box. 
  10. I have not enough time to make a good default button map. Please post your button map to our forums for our reference for making a good default seting.
  11. You only need press any key of the remote next time,and it will connect to windows system quickly and use your button map.